Controller stops working (PC)


I‘m using a Dualshock 4 and it works fine with DS4Windows up until I wanna play an online event against other players. As soon as the event starts after finding enough players the controller stops working. The keyboard stops working for Forza as well but still works in Windows so when I then change the active application and switch back to Forza the main menu appears and the controller works again until I leave the menu. So basically the only thing that doesn‘t work is driving my car which is pretty bad when you‘re playing a racing game. Does anybody have any suggestions to this problem except buying an Xbox controller?

I‘m not buying a freakin Xbox controller for one game when every other game on my PC (including other Windows Store games) work just fine with my DS4.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry mate, I have an actual xbox controller and it’s doing the exact same for me… its actually frustrating and really annoying that they are not giving us any fixes on this even though its an issue a lot of people are having. I spent 80£ on a game that worked perfectly up in till now… and if this problem doesn’t get fixed or a fix around it… I would like my money back… even if I have played it way past the refund hours… because quite frankly, this games is heavily multiplayer based… and WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER would ruin it for me… and has been ruining it for me… as i can hardly play with my friends… which is stressful! (rant over)