Controller Steering & Settings in General

I honestly don’t know why you guys have gone in the direction you’ve gone in, but every Motorsport since 5 has been a step back in steering feel on the controller since the last. I only got to play Forza 6 for a few hours because my xbox broke, but with Horizon 3 and Motorsport 7 on PC I’ve been able to get back into my favorite franchise. Horizon 3 had some of the easiest and usable steering I’ve ever played in a game. Everything you wanted to do with the car, you could do. It was the first Forza game I was even remotely decent at drifting. In Forza Motorsport 6 (and to a lesser extent 5), countersteer was a major problem. The way the controller setup was designed, the steering would return to center at a certain rate, and would often feel like there was some invisible artificial “beyond” steer that it had to recover from before the steering would actually recover, as if full lock for the car was less than full lock for the interface between controller and car. In Forza Motorsport 7, this is even more profound. The controller interface is designed for people who play racing games by “twitching” or “tapping” the analog stick, so it makes sense to have gigantic deadzones and severe nonlinearity. In my experimentation, I’ve seen how the stick input is not related at all to how much lock with which the wheels actually turn. Instead, the stick acts more like a D-pad, where more right input means more turning speed up to the maximum turning lock. That is to say, if you turn the stick a little bit, you don’t turn the wheel a little bit, you turn the wheel slowly until you reach maximum lock. This is, obviously, absolutely horrible and irreconcilable. I get that you’re trying to make the game more accessible to people who are bad at games, which is cool, accessibility is great, but you’ve completely removed accessibility for people who drive with a controller but are actually smooth with their inputs. Instead, if you want to be fast and smooth in this game, you NEED a wheel.

Edit: I did more fiddling with the deadzones and my main grievance is significantly alleviated. However, the countersteer is still atrocious. I don’t know why Turn10 decided to do it that way for Motorsport, but it’s extremely snappy and unresponsive, and there’s no workaround for that except “don’t let the rears loose ever” which is hard because this game encourages it of every car on every corner or if you even look at the throttle.

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Hey i do totally agree… the steering on pc with a Wheel is horrible too setup aswell to play with… giving me steering deadzone were i can turn 20-30 degrees with nothing happening and when i remove it the stering whell goes frantic… like there only are 180degrees on the total Wheel… and did play FM3 and FM4 were u actually could drift but in the later games nope, no matter settings or car setup, u countersteer and then the car throws u in a ballet the other way… i just dont understand were the game is going…