Controller Settings

Say I know this is not a question on actual car tuning, but would like to think that some of you who have been tuning cars for F4/F5 have controller setups to enhance the capabilities of the car.

When I first loaded F5, it appeared that the controller was all whacked… and it was difficult to steer the car. I changed the Inner Steering on the controller, but I still feel that the car just wants to drift all the time, and cut lose. Even with upgraded tires, suspension… even some down force, the car always sort a feels like it wants to drift… and not turn into and out of corners like either a super car maybe should (Even at low speeds of 45-70mp) Or is this just the new driving dynamics? which makes me think they modeled it for drifters, instead of racing… because my 2013 Mustang GT with upgraded brakes and suspension handles way better in real life on the track then the dynamics of some of these super cars… even on slicks???

Happen to me at first touch in forza motorsport5…i have played from first forza to last cap. and my ranh was around 100#/200#,you know what i mean…i’m not a champion but not so bad…same with the clucth,if you try to drive with the clucth,you can see the rpm goes to red zone and than change the shift,losing time in changing gear…i tryed to set up the dead zone but nothing changed…

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Thanks… I basically set it back to default… not using the clutch… but still using manual transmission. I did adjust the Inner sterring down 15 points… I also have been setting up my cars with lots of adjustables… shocks, springs, dampers, and brake bias… It seems to improve the handling dynamics… and I feel that I know have a grip on the steering etc… .

  1. Do not overdrive the corners
  2. slam brakes… then glide through corners
    3, lower car… adjust springs dampers for stiffer if there are no hills and no huge bumps to go over
  3. adjust dampers springs to soft if there are hills, and large bumps you go over.
  4. adjust these only by 5-10 at first… to get the feel.
  5. also adjust any downforce… obvious reasons… tracks are either very fast like… Le mans… (no real downforce) or Spa-Indy, R. Atlanta, Medium… etc… I think you can find specs online.

So controller setting was not real issue… just dealing with the new dynamics of the game… F5… however it still boggles my mind why drivetars have Phantom GRIP… while my car still screeches. in corners at 50mph… and they fly through at like 65… for example… and i perform a perfect corner???