controller settings

I use the controller for Xbox one for all my racing.
Heres a question…when I turn in either direction as soon as I let go
of the left joystick the cars want to straighten out.
What i mean is… if i exit a corner and am turning left, the second I let off the joystick the
car want to go straight. What I would like i a way to have the car stay relatively turning or not be so
quick to go straight.
Is the a s setting in the controller setup or any way to make that point less quick to change??
I tried a lot of different controller setting but none seem to work very good…

Try experimenting with the steering linearity setting. Also ensure your deadzones are at 0 for inside, 100 for outside. Other than that, if you want more control over your car, you should get a wheel.

And the behavior you’re describing appears to be the hidden aids on the controller at work. You cannot turn them off - it will auto-adjust your angle one way or another depending on speed.

Its not hidden aids. If the stick is centered it means no steering input.

Dont let go of the stick, it is not an on/off switch. You can ease it into straightening out.


It sounds like you are trying to drive like you’re in a first-person shooter game. That’s not how driving works in Forza (or really any driving game). If you let go of the stick, it will put the steering wheel back at the center. As SatNiteEduardo said, you have to slowly move the stick back to center to straighten out as you come through the turn.