When i try to use my controller and i press a button it will show the controller button prompts, but it wont do anything and as soon as I let go of the button it goes back the keyboard button prompts. Also love how turn 10 straight up lied about ds4 support.

I know. Can’t even use DS4Windows because Forza does in fact recognise the DualShock 4 as a device despite not fully supporting it. So that means you can’t emulate an Xbox 360 controller. They completely lied about support. Recognising a device isn’t full support. Can’t use DualShock 4 in menu screens, can’t bind different directions on analog sticks, doesn’t vibrate.

Hi guys, the answer to your problem is the following.

Go into your DS4Windows → Settings → hide DS4Controller.

After you do this it will work with a Ps4 Controller, I have had this problem myself yesterday.

Thanks. I’ll try that next time I play. Still should have proper support in Forza 7 though. They did say it would support DualShock 4.