Controller - Deadzone adjustment doesn't work with right analog knob (1755153)

Accel/Brake Deadzone adjustment only works on default controller setup.
After more further testing I found out, that controller deadzone adjustment (Xbox Series X) when comes to Acceleration/Braking only works with Default Controller Setup 1 , (Steering on Left Analog Stick, Acceleration or RT, Braking on LT). After changing to Controller Setup 5 (Acceleration/Braking on Right Analog Stick), or any other custom setting, in which accel/braking is not on RT/LT; Inner/Outer Deadzone Settings aren’t functioning. I can set some extreme values, like Inner Deadzone = 50 on acceleration/braking and there isn’t any difference in actual game, like it is somehow fixed on default value.
It seems to me, like deadzone adjustment is somehow tied to the controller buttons, not the controls that are set (meaning: if for instance Handbrake is set on LT button, adjusting Handbrake deadzone doesn’t make any difference, but adjusting braking deadzone affects this button - in this case the handbrake. So in that situation to change handbrake deadzone we have to change Braking deadzone to make a difference - because LT is default button for braking in Controller Default Setup 1).
This is really big issue for me, as i use right stick as my acceleration/braking control in every game as far as I remember. With not working option to set inner deadzone to 0, just tapping the brakes is nearly impossible and makes this game much harder to play (as is braking with ABS off).
I have to point out, that this is FM 2023 specific. In FM6, FM7, FH4 and FH5 (which I have all installed at the moment and play frequently) this option works perfectly fine (the same original Xbox SX controller, the same console).

Any deadzone adjustments don’t apply to right analog knob - no matter what is set on right stick. In my configuration it is Accel/Brake, but when i set steering on right stick - Steering Inner/Outer deadzone setting doesn’t work either.
Still present in Update 6

Turn 10, Please Fix This.

As above - using controller setup 5 (accel/braking with right stick) makes deadzone adjustment not working. No matter which values I use (even extreme) changing deadzone doesn’t have any effect (Xbox Series X - Xbox Controller)

Does this issue still persist after recent updates? Would it be possible to provide a video of this in action?

I’ve sent a video with Forza Ticket, but i can do it again, if needed.
Basically problem is about the fact, that any Deadzone adjustment (Inner/Outer) doesn’t apply to right analog knob (Xbox Series X - Standard Pad). We can change what is right knob used for (default is camera, but I’m using it for Accel/Braking - controller setup 5 or custom), but any change of deadzone settings won’t apply - no matter if it is 0 or max for inner or outer deadzone, changing values doesn’t make any in-game difference)

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The Bug is still present in Update 6

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The bug is still present in Update 7. How hard can it be to fix? I’ve se sent Forza Ticket twice by now (even recorded and sent a video).
Basically, any Deadzone adjustments doesn’t apply to right analog knob. With my controller setting I steer with left analog knob, and accelerate and brake with right analog knob. No matter how I set Inner/Outer Deadzone for Acceleration and Braking it doesn’t make any difference. I can set Inner Accel/Brake Deadzone to 80/100, or Outer to 20/100 and it still DOESN’T make any difference, when Gas and brake is on right analog knob.
Please T10, fix this finally.
In FM4, FM6 this was working correcty. Same as FM7, FH4 and FH5 which all three I have installed at the moment on SAME CONSOLE and all is fine and works as intended.

The Bug is still present in Update 9. Turn 10, please…

Both joysticks need better deadzone adjustment and a sensitivity adjustment. I like to push the stick forward and rock it left or right to steer to be more smoother. Still quite touchy even using 30 min deadzone and 100 max.

Right joystick adjustments don’t work at all. It’s dead set on default numbers. Even if You set some extreme deadzone values like very high min or very low max there is no difference. This is why I’m posting this bug every month on this forum since the game was released and even sent two tickets (one with a video attached) about this. And It still hasn’t been fixed.

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Still not fixed in Update 10. Turn 10, C’mon…