Controller allways has steering aid active?

So, a short history of my experience with FH4 (PC):

  • My Momo wheel would have no ffb what so ever, after I bought the game a couple of month ago.
  • After fiddling with EmuWheel and other third party helpers, I finally got the ffb to work.
  • As many others I had the problem of a nervous steering, uncatchable oversteering and most of the RWD cars are practically undriveable, or at least one hell of a challenge.
  • Changing to a controller solved all issues. This is the first racing game, where I can drive better with a controller, than my wheel! I suck at using the controller and rarely use it for racing. But since FH3 didnt work at all with my wheel, I had to use the controller for that one.

After investigating the telemetry during a drift, trying to find a reason, why it’s so hard for me to catch a drift with the wheel, something unexpected happened:

Using a controller always activates a steering aid, which adjusts the maximum steering angle to the perfect value needed in any drifting situation.

If you activate telemetry and look at the steering input, you can see that with a controller the maximum steering angle gets adjusted constantly to perfectly match the current rotation and speed of the car. Its okay, that the steering is speed sensitive and reduces the maximum angle as the speed increases, but adjusting for the perfect countersteer angle is a huge help and does way more than TCS and ABS do!

It made no difference, if I was selecting “normal” or “simulation” steering under game difficulty.

Example Video: Forza Horizon 4 - Drifting with controller - YouTube

For this test I used the stick like a digital switch, only 100% left or right. So everything you see in telemetry, that is not full lock or neutral is determined by the game.

As you can see, the steering angle changes to fit the current drifting angle perfectly. In any situation a light dab of the stick would be enough to end the drift, because the game selects the perfect angle for me. All the time. Even with TCS and ABS off and steering on simulation. Yet with the wheel I would either over- or understeer during drifting, because the ffb doesnt tell me enough to find the perfect angle. Its just guessing for me.

Yes, we know, it’s already been stated that wheel users get all the input layers and adjustments for controllers turned off.

The problem is the car physics are all tuned with that it mind, so they’re a complete bag of …something… on a wheel at the moment.