Control Options For Forza 6

I have long been a huge fan of racing games in general. The amount of detail that goes into Forza is impressive indeed. I just wanted to know if you would be able to use to right analog stick for gas (forward on the stick) and brake ( backward on the stick). I know you could in forza 3, this option was missing from forza 4 and back for forza 5. This is how I like to race and I hope they include this in forza 6. If anyone knows for sure if this option will be included please let me know as this will affect my decision about purchasing this title. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and thank you turn 10 for including my favorite car company Porsche. Please make them easier to drive than forza 3.

How will you brake and accelerate at the same time?

I dont know if the game itself will have it but i do know if you buy the elite controller you can map your own buttons

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I think the brak/throttle on analog stick is a great idea; it makes for some interesting driving, while freeing up the bumpers or triggers for gear-shifting if you’re using man w/clutch. Not to mention how it gives your index finger a brake due to all the squeezing and holding you have to do = sore index finger and elbow.

Anyhow, throttle and brake can be mapped to the right analog stick in FM4 and as well as 5. Don’t know why you say it’s not usable in 4, even though it is.

However, one downside: you’d lose that beautiful rumble effect on the trigger.


I only tried 4 never owned it. I must have missed that option. If that is the case it should be in 6, I will be pre-ordering it this weekend. Thanks for the info may see you on the track. I also see the 996 a Porsche fan no doubt.