Content Update 21 June 2022 | Series 9 & bug fixes

The content update for Series 9 and other bug fixes is now available to install. See also our Series 9 general discussion thread. and the Release Notes at Forza Support.

Version Number:

Platform Version Number Size
Xbox One 2.474.760.0 14 GB
Xbox Series 3.474.760.0 16.09 GB
PC 3.474.760.1 17.39 GB
Steam 1.474.341.0 10.3 GB


  • Added new localization languages
  • Added Subtitles for Danish, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, European Portuguese
  • Added Voice Over for European Spanish, Italian, Korean
  • Added new Forza EV Rivals event
  • Added Horizon Story Co-op
  • Added TAA option when playing on PC
  • Various stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed issue where hood and bumper cam was too dark during dusk and night time of days
  • Added new Accolades in Online (Horizon Open), Stories (Drift Club), and Evolving World (New Cars)
  • In Series 9, the Accolade “It Just Works” now unlocks as intended once players have completed the Car Mastery skill tree on the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. Players who already fulfilled this requirement prior to this update will need to select and drive the car to successfully unlock the Accolade.
  • All players will now see their Creative Hub rank increase as intended.
  • Added a Vinyl Material slider to the Livery Editor which adjusts the material type (from matte to gloss) of all decals applied to the vehicle.


  • Fixed exploit when using Photo Mode
  • Fixed exploit with gifted cars

Festival Playlist

  • Fixed issue where players could lose Daily Challenge progress


  • Fixed rare issue where players matchmaking for Co-op Seasonal Championship can result in a player entering the wrong event
  • Fixed issue which could end up in wrong car class in an online race
  • Fixed issue which could cause Horizon Arcade events to not spawn
  • Fixed issue where players in a convoy could end up not seeing all other members of the convoy


  • Added a duplicate car filter to Car Select screen filters
  • Added Freeroam convertible functionality to Ferrari California T and McLaren 650 S Spider
  • Updated Volvo’s logo
  • Fixed idle RPM on the 93 Nissan 240SX SE
  • Removed Forza Aero Splitter from the Maserati MC12
  • Fixed 97 Lamborghini Diablo engine audio when at high RPM
  • Fixed issue with Audi RS4 Avant and 2011 RS5 interior cockpit dash
  • Fixed misaligned backfires on the Mercedes C63 AMG when using the Liberty Walk body kit


  • Added Car Horns from Series 6 and 7 to EventLab
  • Added Orbit Cam option
  • Added stepped rotation
  • Added new camera speed options
  • Fixed an issue where players entering EventLab events with a full convoy could get disconnected
  • Fixed an issue where the stadium floor wouldn’t load when starting an event nearby
  • Fixed an issue where props could remain in Freeroam
  • Fixed Rule Importing only showing events with Custom Routes
  • Fixed an issue with one of the flood lights which would appear invisible when placed
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Many thanks. Does this include a fix for the broken treasure hunt that got fixed but was still broken for many of us?

Audio - Audio degradation after navigating menus or changing cars (Date Updated: 06.21.22)

How come it’s on the list Fixed Issues, but it doesn’t have that list ?

does this mean i can drive convertables in first person now?

I’ll believe the convoy and lighting fixes when they’ve been proven stable, until then my skepticism remains high about it actually being fixed.

Edit: Lighting seems mostly fixed? I still can note that of the 2 cars I tried, the 1982 Volkswagen Pickup LX shows a difference in lighting in bumper view still. As someone who only plays this now after an update to see if things are really fixed or not, I’m still not impressed with this games quality this far down the road.

Edit 2: Xbox One X

Looking at the dashboard, it is still playing too dark with the car 2016 BMW M4 GTS

I thought new cars were available today through wheelspins, I’ve seen nothing

I hope that’s a typo in the patch notes. Hood and bumper cams were not the issue. Cockpit cams were.

Guess I’ll find out.

Edit: Seems to be a typo. The 2016 Mazda MX-5 seems to have the cockpit view fixed, at least in all the conditions I just (very quickly) tested it in. Hopefully all the other cars are fixed as well.

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They also marked the tunnels on the map in Guanejuato. Didn’t notice that before

Need to fix the glare that gets in the cockpit view when turning on resolution scaling.

Ah, no, I see the series 6 spring treasure hunt bug hasn’t been fixed - is it going to be fixed?

Also is the missing “Bring It” emote going to be fixed?


Updated notes:

  • Added a Vinyl Material slider to the Livery Editor which adjusts the material type (from matte to gloss) of all decals applied to the vehicle.

You can see a brief demo video in this tweet:

I’ll check on these. If users spot missing items and haven’t yet submitted a ticket, please do so to help draw the Support team’s attention to it.

Thanks for the response. I did a ticket for the emote, yes, and it’s, well, um, “solved”.

On the subject of items (including emotes), is there a definitive list of what has been made available in the game? I have a few items that are locked that seem odd (too many to list, 46 customisation options are locked, not all of them seem odd).

no mate, there is still issue during dask/dawn time. yesterday i did a freeroam with old dlc jag (no roof) and i had almost black screen for a couple of second xD

its better cuz convertible car was dark almost all time inside, so we get a update but still we have issues with this time type of time weather.

im just curious…it can be fix?
this is my main problem with new horizon :frowning: thats why im enjoyed more 4 than 5…and ofc prefered driving model in 4 but thats just me.

ofc played with cockpit cam

Since the Series 9 update, I’ve been booted off Forza 5 within 5 minutes of loading the game up.
I’ve switched my X-Box One S off,unplugged it, reloaded Forza 5 via Ultimate again but it’s hit & miss whether the game cancels once I leave the main festival site & throws me back to the Xbox main menu.