Constructive Criticism

  1. Car sounds need to be worked on
  2. Common sense - all classic American muscle cars should come with white lettering on the tires’ sidewall
  3. Gear shift animations need to be fixed
  4. Head lights should be off at day and on at night
  5. Cars cannot fix themselves, (this isn’t Christine) don’t we deserve a pit crew?
  6. Either introduce dirt tracks, or get rid of the trophy trucks
  7. For split screen player two should be allowed to choose a vehicle from your garage
  8. Windshield reflections are sometimes way too emphasized and can be distracting
  9. As others have said, the rear view mirror is too bright now and can be disorienting
  10. It’s strange not being able to gift cars

Every single one of these points has been mentioned elsewhere…numerous times…


Thank you for the feedback.