Console reboot rigth after finishing a race

Is anyone else seeing this?
I finish a race and right after it reboots and starts from the green Xbox screen that takes a while to boot. Happens right before it saves but its not every time but I had to re-do a bunch of my races… :frowning:

Anyway I am on the latest preview build but it was happening on the latest official as well.
Just wondering if I am the only one?

Yes, I’ve also had this issue.

Do these troubleshooting steps have any affect?

Have not tried any of them yet as it has happened maybe 3-4 times now. I will probably try the uninstall and reinstall as that seems a totally safe method. Don’t want to risk 2 months of game play save.

Just wanted to see if anyone else is having the issue. Maybe its Forza but maybe its Xbox ONE OS.

What “preview build”? If you’re participating in the Xbox One update program, it is NOT the game. You should consult the beta forums.

It happened to me before this update too though. Could be a mixture of both but I did report it there as well.
I’ll reinstall see if it fixes the issue.