Ok, I just recently bought the game and a few things have me a bit miffed, probably silly stuff, but here we go::

1: The rewards system in this forum, is it broken? how does it work? is it linked at all to my progress in the game, because despite being rnk 7 in the car owners thing and completing loads of races, it still shows a big fat ZERO in everything
2: My achievements button in my PC variant of the game does nothing, I click it and…zilch, nada, SFA, why is this ?
3: Have the Forza devs programed the Ai to slow to 5mph even on a straight, if the players car approaches it? because this happens a lot :slight_smile:
4: Is there a secret group of people somewhere whom like to drive/race properly and NOT approach a chicane, tight bend or similar at 200mph? if there is, i’d like to know PLEASE!!

That’s all for now, thank you and too da loo {waves).

Well the rewards has not been updating properly for awhile and they are in the process of retiring it.

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