Confused about design duplicates?

I created my first car skin, a UK police skin for the Audi RS 6 Avant 2015. Never done one before and I think I may have saved it three times, thinking I was just updating and sharing over the previous one.

I can only see one version livery in my designs, but a friend said he went on and saw the same design 3 times.

So I want to delete the dupes, but I have no idea how?? I can’t even see them.

Any advice?

My guess is that you’ve changed (reworked) that design and haven’t unshared it before. This will generate multiple versions even if it shows you just one under “my designs”.

To delete the duplicates you’ve to go to “find new designs” and search them. Best way is to search with your name. Then you’ve to download all of them seperately and unshare them in “my designs”.

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