Confirmed Online Gamemodes and Race Restrictions

Youtube channel AR12 uploaded Forza 6 Online gameplay today. In the menus, multiple things are apparent.

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Notice there are multiple different gamemodes including Unlimited Drifting and Tag (Virus). However, the only racing categories are D class and A class. Are those the only classes that can be raced online? Are these the only online gamemodes?


What is more apparent is that certain parties would do well to take a closer look at the terms of the agreements they enter into and that there is currently more than enough multiplayer options at this moment with such a small number of players having preview access.


Also, does anyone know if the there is still a 50 lap race distance limit?

As for the D and A class lobbies, I’m certain that they will change every month.

So long as we have drifting and cycled production lobbies, I’m sorted. =) Will definitely check out that video later.

Funny that the mods are censoring the leaks though. That’s a lost cause, heh.

Yes, but I doubt he’ll get early access in the future if he knowingly violates agreements he enters into. Depending on what you agree to and all the fine print… …in any case, if you agree to something it’s best to stick to it. trust and honesty are worth more (at least to me) than being known as the guy who leaked something that would be common knowledge 1 day early and got busted for it.

Then again, can’t say I was ever a fan of said youtube channel.

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AR12 also expressed some rather bad views on Forza during Turn 10 Studios: All Star Bash on Twitch… Live.

Can’t say I’m a fan.

Yes,INTEGRITY is everything.Thats one thing that will never change in life.If you dont have integrity I dont want to know you.

Wondered why my post had been mod edited…can’t see the difference from what I remember typing though.

Brian confirmed ABCS a couple of Twitch streams ago so I’d guess the hoppers will more or less be the same.

I can see a few people losing future privileges on media access to Forza games though, if the restrictions I’ve heard on what content can/can’t be shown are to be believed.

I wouldn’t mind in his first ever online race “im finding where I can cut corners” - why does he have this early access? [Mod Edit - MM]

none of you even know what agreement he entered into.

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I find AR12 really annoying i cant believe so many people watch his videos, instant mute if i’m ever in a lobby with him.