concept car dlc

it would be awesome to see some concept cars on forza horizon 2 or even in forza 5 when I say concepts I mean cars that should have been built but we never seen like the Cadillac Cien and the concept Dodge charger and many more here are some pics

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Put it in the car wishlist thread.

can I move it with out doing it all over again

You should be able to click edit on your original post, select all of the text and then paste it in a new post in the Car Wishlist thread.

thank you that does work

Thanks. If you put in that other thread, the devs will actually look at it and take it (maybe) seriously. Here it will just get locked, buried, and forgotten.

In some respects the Urus can be considered a concept car in Forza, can’t it?

I don’t think it’s in production, so I suppose you’re right. One could also say the same about the Sesto Elemento in FM4 and FH1: it was never put into production either (I think).

B Wald

Loved the Cien in TDU

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