[Complete] [Replica] Origin D1SL S13

Been working on this the past few days. should be finished tomorrow some time. here’s what I have so far:

the green is pretty cool at night - looks glow in the dark


Nice Job, looking good!

needs about 3 more logos


Must have and follow your works


thanks, AB! It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s definitely my best go at a paint thus far.

Looking really nice mate! Well done!

looks super cool mate, will deffo pick this one up

thanks! i’ve been lazy - still needs about 3 more logos. i finally found a high res photo of the car to expose some logos i was having trouble identifying. it will be up for share this weekend for sure!

Nice work Infrared! Wanted to make this on Forza 5 but they had no PS13 :frowning:

Great job so far and I shall be picking it up once you have completed it!


one more logo and its finally finished

My naked S13 is ready for a new dress!
Don’t have a tune for her too do you??



and still jaw on the desk.

Great work!

Wasnt sure what I thought of the overall design to start with but its coming togeter really nice cant wait to see it fully done


I have seen quite a few good paints on this car, really digging the design! Keep up the good work!

I will download this once it’s complete!

Loving this Origin Kit design, one of my favourite real designs :smiley: I shall be picking this up!

One thing though, don’t hate me for this haha

i saw that, but i was referencing this photo when i started haha

I have a very plain looking S13 eagerly awaiting this paint, please finish this soon!!! lol :smiley:

its looking great so far mate will be getting a new s13 for this