Comparing ARB's

Maybe this would be more useful on the Horizon board, but does anybody know about the ARB settings? Would a stock ARB setting be 0 on the fully customizable ARB? For example if i fully upgrade the ARB’s and then tune them to 0, would it be like having the stock ARB’s on? And also a ? about the other 2 lower tiered ARB bars, would they be stiffer than the fully customizable ARB’s, or are the race ARB’s better regardless? How many times can i say ARB?

Stock ARB would NOT be 0 unless the ARB is completely absent.

Stock > Street > Sport is the order of stiffness. Race ARB is adjustable so it can be adjusted to softer than Stock or stiffer than Sport.

It is possible to use, say, Stock front ARB and Street rear ARB for slightly tighter rear end.

Use Race ARB if you want full control of the front/rear settings with fine adjustments.

Use stiffer ARB where you want faster cornering response (at expense of lower cornering grip).

Use softer ARB where you want more cornering grip (at expense of slower cornering response).

Use ARB to adjust front-rear balance; for overall car grip & response, use the springs + dampers.

If ARB is too low or high, small changes are difficult to feel. If ARB is in good useable range, small changes can be felt.

The sweet spot is different for everyone and for different driving style. When in doubt, I go with the softer setting.

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In horizon on the 360 I used to use stock front arbs and race rear to get as close to soft front / stiff rear as I could.

I did not test the other options though.