Come on T10

I was out of gaming for a couple of years, came back and got FM5/FM6, Horizon 2 and even bought Horizon 1 last month.

I’ve played every Forza game that’s been made with the exception of “Apex”.

I can’t get simple things like my Loyalty cars and achievement, or for my rewards to show accurate data (i.e. cars owned)… can’t even get my redeemed rewards either… what makes you guys think I would invest any money in your DLC packs if you can’t get a couple of these things working.

If you aren’t going to support it anymore, let us know.

If you are still paying any attention to the game, let us know.

Yeah… I still play Forza Horizon a lot and I recently took a few pictures in it, but came to the site to retrieve them and none were there… and neither were the rest of the pictures I’d taken earlier. Just wish they’d publicly announce if they’d taken down the servers or something… of if it’s just under maintenance. It seems like all gaming companies care about anymore is promoting what’s brand new, and not addressing the loyal people who’ve stuck to the old versions.

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