Come join Unions Ignition™ -Recruiting-

What’s up Racers, just want to let you guys know that Unions Ignition Crew is recruiting any level and any style racers out there. We’ve been playing for about 4 years and we been up and down throughout Forza 4. We are mainly right now drifters because we used to compete at the VD1GP and we grown to be pretty good at it, but don’t let that discourage you all. We planning to become the crew that have the best of all trades. So come join The Union and see what’s it all about first hand.


Unions Ignition Crew is mainly based on the East Coast of the US. Also, founded in the real world, Unions Ignition Crew is one of the few teams that just go out there to have fun. Greatly active, really friendly and out-going people and not to mention most of us know each other personally. We have no discrimination what-so-ever, so we would glady accept even people that are totally new to the game or the style of gameplay.

Clubhouse Rules:

  1. No disrespect or immaturity

  2. Must play at least a total of 5 hours a week

  3. Participate/help in the Club Events

  4. No trolling others players inside or out the club

  5. Have fun after all its a game and thats why we play it.

are you still recruiting? add and msg me on xbox 1 :Eon fl4mes