Come join a club with meaning! (XBOX ONE)

Hey there! I’m looking for people to join my club. It’s based off of my friend’s clothing line called Bound By Blood. The mantra is:

In the face of our deep divisions, our flags, our borders and our politics serve to turn us against each other.
These are the times we must heed a call to action. A call to our great orators to give a voice to the voiceless. A call to our great authors to write the next chapter of our story. A call to our great artists to paint a beautiful future.
On this, our planet, and in this, our time, let us set aside our differences.
United, we share our most common element.
We are human. WE ARE BOUND BY BLOOD.

So if you’re looking to join a club with some meaning, lookup Bound By Blood (on xbox one) tag BByB. My gamertag is xXSalad TossXx.
Have a good one!