Collector level/rank

I’ve had a search and can’t find anything but I’m sure this has been asked before, so apologies. I’ve noticed in multiplayer hoppers, a few players have their collector rank a different colour other than black. A few red and a few green. Any idea what, if anything, the different colours represent?
I did notice one guy had his rank in red, he was driving a lorry or something equally nimble and ending people’s lives left, right and centre so I thought it may be something to do with driving cleanliness… but that may have been wishful thinking.

The colors represent their level of collection with Green I think is the Common Blue uncommon red rare Yellow Legendary I know their is more or I might be wrong but I’ll acccept correction.

At the beginning of the game the collector levels had discrete colours, but eventually they run out and it’s just black. I think it was around level 8 or 9.

Thanks for clearing that up fellas :+1:t2: