Collection tier question.

What level do you stop getting uniforms and just get 5 mod cards instead?

Level up 594 and still see the suits but I am wondering if you take the cash and cars and avoid the suit it might offer them forever.

As far as I know 300 suits must be obtained first weather from levelups or buy Im not certin but it is over 300 suits.

I’m wondering where I can get my tier 12 badge? I don’t like the idea of having to buy a loot crate for the random chance of getting something I’ve earned. Is that my only shot???

Ive heard 300

I’m over 300 and still get suits, but then I only have the 100 suits required to trip the achievement.

May be 300 of certain type of suit.

It hasn’t happened to me yet and I’m almost level 200, I think.

Luna may be right as I’ve rarely taken the suit and I wonder if it is tied to having all the suits it would offer through the program, meaning no more can be achieved that way and rather than grant duplicates it switches to mod cards.

Trust me it is more than happy to throw duplicates but I really believe from my observations on here and in practice If I don’t take the darn Driver Suits I will never see a Mod card I am also convinced I will not see the few Driver Suits I would actually love to have and keep getting these offers for suits that are not what I would call fashion and therefore I would not be seen dead in them. However, I am running out of options for my CR so I will collect them I guess and see what happens. We can all live in hope.

*Although they would want to be pretty good cards or you would take the 50’000CR and buy an Expert and Master Crate and come out in front IMO.

I wish you could just buy the gear straight up with CR.

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