Collection Tier Not Improving

Hi all,

Iv’e been collection tier 11 now for at least a month, yet I’ve bought and won many legendary cars ( past week I’ve had 6 ) to increase my score and yet nothing has changed, I’ve also downloaded the latest update and still nothing, anyone else having this problem ?

Are you buying the cars you already own? I am level 42 after last nights DLC and the SPecial cars sale so it’s working for me. I do know if you buy the same car you will not get any more credit for it.

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I am actually having this issue as well. No I am not buying cars I already own, I checked. Sometimes my score improves when I get a car, other times, MOST times, it doesn’t. It used to update everytime I got a car, now that I’m above 10 it’s almost never. I think there is some algorithm other than just car score going on here, or I’m bugged?

Ok go to car collection and look at your tier score ther will be the tier number and next to that 2 sets of numbers like this 1235-2500 The 1235 is your current level the 2500 is the score you need to get to the next level. Buy a car you do not own easy to tell as they have a milky film on them and see if you actuall score increases, If it increases then it is working if not then contact support. The higher you go the more points before hitting the next tier.

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I do know that the game only updates your collection score “circle” after every 1/4 of the level is complete. For instance, if you need 1000 collection score to advance to the next level, and you get a car worth 100, the circle will not visually update until you get another car worth at least 150.

Either the above is happening, or you are getting duplicate cars which will not increase your score.

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On second investigation I think this, along with clicking through cards is what is causing it to appear as though the score is not increasing when it is. Although I did not get the circle on a car I got, I did notice in the lower left corner it did go up a bit. Sorry for the confusion.