Cockpit Camera | Hardcore Leaderboards

Any cockpit camera view trailers on the way? — I am a hardcore racer through and through (Lobby & Rivals), will hardcore leaderboards also require cockpit camera view? This would immensely help the racing community from all of these 3rd person camera view videos.

I should also use this opportunity to inquire about the flexibility of game replays. More replay banks and the ability to share them on social media would help.

I think the cockpit camera will be the same as in FM7. The external view is the same so I don’t see a reason why other views would be different.

Yeah I too am pretty sure that the camera angle will be identical to Forza 7.
I do however expect more customization of the FoV and screen shake. The E3 trailer also hinted at an increased degree of rotation of the steering wheel, so I low key expect (and totally hope) to see that too.