Clyde's Photo Corner | S2 | 22.09: Horizon 3 Demo, pt. 2




With FM6 now having been out for almost a year, and a lot happening in the meanwhile, I felt the need to take a pause from Forza, put all the ideas that keep flying around my idea in a (quite imaginary) jar, take a good look at them and maybe turn them into reality for once.
The sixth iteration of this great motorsport saga came after Turn 10 threw us a curveball with a game that was, in many ways, disappointing and lackuster. They had to do a pretty good job to fill in the gaps that FM5 clearly had, and allow a community that had in large part vanished to coalesce again. I’d say their efforts have been very successful - improving upon the innovations introduced in the previous issue, while at the same time adding a variety of cars and tracks unprecedented not only in the history of the series but, perhaps, in that of motorsport games overall (titles like rFactor which benefit from vast modding communities nonwhitstanding). If FM5 almost turned me away from the series, FM6 has made me a life-long fan, and has kept my interest alive and well so far.
This is hopefully just a preview of what’s to come in this second year with FM6. Of course I will also be active on Forza Horizon 3 - which I already preordered; however, motorsport’s motorsport and I’ll keep trying to convey the thrill of it through my shots (and narration). Until then… Enjoy?

Some stunning shots right here!


This is a great shot, keep up the good work Clyde.

Wow amazing shots man. Wish i knew what i was doing wrong so i can get the realism you captured here

Every single shot is lovely and I can’t wait to see your work in FH3!

This game looks stunning. I feel like it’s not only a major leap forwards in graphics (we’re getting used to them in the Xbox One era, after all), but that the style and artistic direction of the game has also matured a lot; the result is that there is none of the cartoonish feel or exaggerated lighting features of the past iterations. Even with the standard photomode settings, photorealism is now at anybody’s reach.


Well… I am not sure I am the most qualified person to say what makes for a good, crisp, realistic shot (there are people out there who could bury me with the sharpness of their photos). But…

a) don’t be ashamed to edit your shots. Level adjustment will allow you to fine-tune the shadows and highlights (and tone) of your shots, and it’s a photographer’s friend in real life; in Forza you also have to contend with the shortfalls of its lightning system and (at least on Xbox) the poor compression of pictures. Which leads me to point…
b) don’t rely on to retrieve your shots; not only it limits you to a measle 100 shots, but it also saves your photos in a poorly-compressed .jpg format. Use the screenshot function instead; you can retrieve your shots from websites such as afterwards;
c) settings are also important. Shutter speed and aperture should be adjusted for each shot; for the sacred quartet of exposure-color saturation-contrast-brightness I tend to use the same baseline settings (unless I’m going for something specific), only adjusting the exposure as needed. But you shouldn’t be too eager to stick to your guns either; sometimes it helps to fiddle around a bit.
d) use Flickr to share your photos. I don’t know why Flickr is so much above other photo-sharing websites when it comes to the preservation of the native quality of images, but it is. Plus, I think it gives you one terabyte of storage for free nowadays?

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I like how you have focused on the composition more in the last few updates. And because of this, it will be good to see what you can produce in FH3 and any future updates in FM6.

Lovely shots! I adore this:

Next update will return to your regularly scheduled racetrack shenanigans, but I had to go back to the FH3 demo one last time and try the Silvia. If all cars with a modified exhaust will sound that good in the full game… Let’s just say that I know where I’ll be sinking a lot of credits.


Thanks! That’s my favorite shot out of the whole update too, and it’s also my current desktop.

Thank you; I must say, you’ve been a great inspiration to me, especially in regard to shot framing/composition. ^^

Those two shots of the Ariel Nomad are my favorites. The first one has such a great angle and the second is very realistic!