Clutch Kick Revolution //CKR\\

Clutch Kick Revolution was created in 2008 during the golden years of Forza 2, then later disbanded during late stages of Forza 3 into Forza 4.
Since the release of Forza Motorsport 6 we are back and ready to bang doors and kill tires.

We are a competitive yet fun team of friends who enjoy doing one thing…
Getting sideways

Team Roster
X7K - Team leader/Founder

xNovakaine - Captain

CobraTuner - Member/Pro painter
Hades Gv - Member
Lipton T B4GS - Member
Bigslim III - Member
DirtyPine - Member
Zimbah exe - Prospect

Inactive Members
CKR K FLEX - Sr. Member “HoF”
CKR RICEBOY - Sr. Member
CKR SGT MONGO - Sr. Member
IKON kwho - Sr. Member “HoF”
iLLNastysr20 - Member
Hamma808 - Member
Ascendant Sage - Member

We are currently recruiting.
If your an interested prospect, contact me via PM or on xbl, also please post in this thread so we can plan a tryout accordingly.

[post reserved for future]

Was your old gamertag toxic ?

Yup, indeed it was then Falken

I will be online today pretty much all day if anyone would like to drift some and get some team info. Message or add for an invite.

Riceboy reporting for duty

That a boy, glad to see you back

Updated original post, we also welcome xNovakaine to the team!

Please welcome Lingerie outfit and STBNINE as our two newest prospecting members, also updated original post to add our inactive members CKR SGT MONGO, CKR K FLEX and iLLNastysr20.

sweet thanx x7k

Your welcome pal.

Nice to see CKR are still kicking about :+1: If only there was more FM2 teams that would revive.

Thank you much love, it would be nice to see the og teams members be active again, the teams are there just not there lol.

coughcough whats up boys

Need some #mucinex? Lol

holy hell. never expected to see you guys around again

Lol, comeback squad. I see your still sliding around with westies!

Westies still plays too. Damn lol

I ment IRL lol but yeah maybe every once in a blue moon I’m on at the same time he is tho lol

Ah yeah. I forgot about his GTO.