Clutch Gang est 2015 currently recruiting!

Please contact Tyler on his gamertag The Red 05 if youd like to tryout for the team.
Clutch Gang is a online drift crew and was est mid 2015 by Tyler and Yosh. We are a chilled out bunch of guys who love nothing more than banging doors, burning rubber and having a laugh.

We are a small crew as only just starting up but are expanding rapidly with factions in the US and UK.

Our players history covers all of the games in the forza series from the beginning through to 6.

We are normally found either bashing doors online (annoying points drifters) or hosting private lobbies running sections.
Tyler Good - gamertag - The Red 05
Yosh Manjarrez - gamertag - Yosh 916
Uk Faction Leader
Ben Smith - gamertag - Ravin Ugly
Team Members
Brian Shipman - gamertag - Sofitted DC5s

  • gamertag - DrivingM3Nuts

So If you’d like to come and join us in a private lobby or even try out for the team drop us a message on xbl.

Clutch Gang.