Club tag issues

Hello all,

I have been having trouble with my club tag changing to random latters and numbers, even when I’m join a new club and join my friends club the tag always changes, just wondering if anyone else as experience this issues

Cheers for the help


I’m having the same issue. My club tag should be [B4DC] but instead shows [(1õ]. Only crated this today so it might be an issue with early access.

Same here to

Count me in, waiting for patch i guess.

The problem with the Club Tags still exists.

If I join a convoy with my club mates the club tag [DCG] is shown correctly in the top right corner player list.
But sometimes in some menues the Club tags are completely broken. And if I drive SOLO some the drivatars take the names of my club mates (including the club tag). Those club tags are ALWAYS broken!

Please fix that asap! Thanks

The club I’m in had this problem. After yesterday’s update however it’s all good.

Originally had this issue, but fixed when I deleted team and only did club.