CLUB NAME -"Very Rare"-

So I know its hard to join a Club, especially when you don’t know much about a Club or the members or whats the kind of goal/enjoyment of the Club. So this Club I’m starting is about drifting the rare, and unusual cars that come into this game. Causal tandems on drift section and drift circuits that we find around the map. Drifting anything that can be RWD or is already RWD, and no nothing against And but you cant get on a door like a RWD car. I also know that people don’t really like joining a Club that has rules that make no sense, SOOOO the one thing i can say is a rule for the club is “DON’T BE A D1CK”. I mostly on from 7:000pm-12:00am US East Coast time. On horsepower for cars, don’t car if it can spin the wheels do it. NO kids +18, also strong skin needed, you need ““THICK SKIN, AND GUTTED CARS””. Would love to have people that get on a daily, this ain’t a team, its a club of like minded *** hats drifting and joking and making fun of each other. ADD ME, and lets drift some rare cars.

—“Very Rare”—
Xtreme Red23