Clouds casting shadows?

Does anyone have any idea if Forza Motorsport 6 will feature clouds casting shadows?

I’m not even sure if the clouds moved in 5.

I was hoping since there is no dynamic lighting that they could at least have clouds casting shadows.
(Unless most shadows are still baked)

Not trying to be rude or anything but if you’ve played a game and didn’t notice if the clouds moved or not then why is it important now.


It’s not noticeable until you actually see a game where it does. For example going around the track a couple times and with the sun in a certain location, and then a lap later at a turn the sun is grayed out is a really cool detail. Just because some detail doesn’t exist and people don’t notice, doesn’t mean it won’t be appreciated once it’s implemented!


I have played games and have noticed.

Project cars - PC version I saw clouds casting shadows on the ground.
It adds another sense of realism, when you drive into dark spots and the lighting changes (just like it does in real life. Walk outside on a sunny day and you’ll notice that the lighting is far from static)
To do the effect right, the clouds have to move.

Also saw it in the Golf Club on PC

Both of those games on Xbox one, however have no such effect (clouds move, they just don’t cast shadows during gameplay - golf club does during edit though)

Forza 6 is much more powerful so I was just wondering.

I realize it’s not important to some people, just wondering if anyone knows anything.

Still baked. Will forever be baked.

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Which is unfortunate because having clouds and their shadows move would add more life/personality to the day time tracks and be over all less static feeling when compared to night time and rain tracks.

What I’d really like to see is the heat haze effect rising off the track and around the cars on the starting grid.

GT had this nailed back in the GT3 days and it was mighty impressive.

Maybe all the track locations in Forza were laser-scanned around winters. lol

This would be a great feature to have to raise realism! Looking forward to have this in the sim.

I think most people ignore this detail. Getting the Lighting right, is 90% of what makes graphics believable. It has VERY little to do with polygon count, or texture resolution. If the light reflects off of an object correctly, the object blurs the lines of reality.

Make a black circle, put a smaller white circle inside, put a black number 8 in the center… it becomes an billiard ball… add a thin white crescent to the exterior edge of this largest circle, and magically, it comes to a life.

Place this on a Green gradient, and add a 30% transparency oval below the black circle, and now the previously obvious static image, will trick even the most trained eyes, if the alignment is correct.

This is 7 polygons. You have completely tricked the human eye, and mind with 7 polygons. All because of Lighting.

Get the lighting right, and you free up a lot of processing power. Something like this on a Golf game, should be extremely easy, but because Golf games tend to have a 10 person crew, and a low budget, the effort is made on simple things, like swing mechanics, and wind telemetry data… rather than getting a solid lighting engine that could set the standard for the industry.

You’re very right! I know this from 3D-modelling/rendering/animating with Cinema 4D. You can have the best models and textures in a scene, but if your lightning isn’t very good (and of course also the shadows), you can forget the whole scene or animation.

I have been doing modeling and rendering since around 1999… as a hobby, so I definitely understand the entire process of what is necessary to get a STATIC look from a 3D render. It is a lot more difficult than most people realize, but Lighting engines make the whole difference.

The game is fully static, it’s designed to be static everywhere. So the clouds aren’t real objects either, it’s just a background around the track. We’re essentially driving in virtual bubbles, not in real virtual worlds. I think this graphics engine can’t handle dynamic objects at 60 frames per second so we won’t see anything dynamic on Xbox One. Maybe on the next console.

Well, that’s not entirely true. With Forza Motorsport 5 we’ve seen some additions to the track environment to add life to the race facilities: helicopters, the wavy-arm men, confetti, balloons, fog/mist, barbeque smoke, and flying birds. Though these have no impact on the racing itself, I certainly appreciate these touches to make the trackside appear more active.

I expect most of those to come back for Forza 6. Fireworks were confirmed and so were birds and helicopters. Maybe, lightning?!?!