Clean racer list ... Twiter @maturegamingnet

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Name; fish

Gamer tag; FISHEAD79

Prefered classes; B, A, S CLASS

Age; hmmm late 30s but ill only admit to 24

Based; UK south coast for clean racers

Name; ill

Gamer tag; PsykoPhrenik

Prefered classes; B & A

Age; 29

Based; Kuwait (2 hours ahead of the UK people)

Gt: Inmyeyes7

Age : 36

Class D,C,B,A,S,

Based : Glasgow

All added

Name: Ashley

GT: GBR x Expert

Age : 16

Class Any class

Based : Wales

Name; Colin (Collin)

Gamer tag; Kidd Baker

Prefered classes; Any.

Age; 20

Based; Ky, USA -5 GMT

Name: Andrew

Gamertag: Ajphotos

Preferred Classes : S(Drag/Pref) ANY

Age : 23

Geographic Location : United States of America / Ohio/ Eastern Time Zone

Name: Steve

GT: Onetenoctane

Age: 27

Classes: B+ A with some occasional S

Location: Central US


I appreciate the invites! I’ll be down to play tonight if you’re on! I was currently in some league races which is why I was unable to join! But if you’re on again tonight, shoot me an invite and I’ll gladly accept!

Gamer tag; Purplbacon
*Dont use Mic, personal/medical reasons

Prefered classes; D, C, B, A, some S, willing R
*Clean Truck & Oddity types user

Age; 30

Based; AZ US

Name: Tõnis
Gamertag: tnswsk
Age: 25
Prefered Class: Any
Location: Estonia.

Name: Ben
Gamer tag: NZ 420 seshens.
(Horrible name I know don’t judge was young and high when I came up with it)
Preferred class: S mainly just race my V8 supercar
Location:New Zealand (where lord of the rings was made, right next to Australia)

name: koe

gt: iGoTTem2Slime

preferred class: B and some A

location: new jersey
hit me up im on almost everyday running for my life in bclass hoppers lol its gettin old fast

Gamertag: bloxavarice

Age: 29

Class: mostly A, into S, and some B

Location: East Coast US

Gamertag: TopBhoy123

Age: 28

Class: mostly A, B, S & Some R

Location: Scotland

Gamertag: snowlerblader

Age: 36

Class: Any but X

Location: USA/Seattle

Great idea here! I wanted to add that once in a ModernGT/Pro league, someone rammed me and slowed on the track until I could get back on. I thought that was a great idea and I’m going to try to do this ‘self-administered penalty’ whenever I am responsible for avoidable contact. Might i suggest that practice with these races as well?

Name: Max

GT: Thats The Niv

Class: Mainly P and R but i’ll race most classes.

Location: Massachusetts, USA. EST -4 from GMT

Will add you all next time i am on but please all join my twiter feed @maturegamingnet

Name: Jonathan

Gt: Joetben15

Class: Circuit, C, B, A, S, occasionally D and RR


Location: Canada

On occasion I don’t plug in mic, i have a studious girlfriend and i am respectful. I am typically a fast racer, though not the fastest. I run clean, at least i try and i think that’s what matters most. I don’t ever intentionally ram into people, but i don’t usually give away my line either. In a straight line I won’t block a faster car. Add me for clean racing and overall friendly demeanour, also for rivaling.