clean lap?

So I was doing a rival event of the P1 around Nordschleife when I made a mistake & the car got sideways and was about 3/4 off the track. Now what amazes me isn’t the recovery but that this lap was somehow still clean after almost hitting the wall with the rear of the car.

Lucky Nordschleife slide

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I don’t think that slide helped considering at one point all 4 wheels are locked up but how was my lap still clean after that?

There are some areas there where unless you tap the rails you are clean. Its often where the grass is relatively narrow.

I think its F2-4 if you get 2 wheels off track (black stuff) that’s dirty but it looks like you need 3 or 4 wheels off the black stuff to get dirty.

Some areas are quite “forgiving” , first turn at Road America is a good example, you can get off teh track but stay on the runoff pavement and keep a clean lap.

I have also had occasions where I’ve tapped a wall, and I mean a softly as pehaps possible, and not triggered a dirty lap, so I am a bit curious on how the “dirty” badge is determined.
It does seem a bit relaxed compared to Fm3 and Fm4.

appears that 2 tires still on the tarmac, you are good to go. When you are really pushing for lap times you will learn where you can and cant get away from this and basically straddle the line between clean and dirty on every single corner.

@SatNiteEduardo I drove through the grass there today & there are spaces at that spot that don’t give a dirty lap.

@OldSchool 2O4F I have tapped walls in Forza 3-4 & not got a dirty lap

@PTG Baby Cow its hard to tell cause the P1 is rather low but I think I do end up with just one wheel one that track for a second.

The new Nordschleife is a pain anyways more so than F4 so I’m thinking Turn 10 is giving us a break in this aspect. I’ve got some very ugly Ring hot laps that are “CLEAN”.

just watch the replay of the x-class on yas marina full circuit…ridiculous. it was always and i believe it will be always a pain in the a** with this penaltysystem. in fm3 and fm4 it depends on the car how much you could cut a corner or “leave” the track as you will. and it depends on were you steering at this point or did you accelerate or not. but in fm5 it become even more worst than the older version. my opinion