Clean endurance racing

For those here who long for clean lobbys or mabe you can’t find a proper endurance race, if this is the case please feel free to give The Paddock a look with 5 year of Sim racing experience here using the forza motorsport franchise we have successfully replicated many great racing series that include Alms, Wec, Drag racing, classic Nascar, and the continental tire series. And to add in we are not one of those sites here to badger you about racing as a participant you drive when it’s convenient for you… thanks hope to see you on the track soon

im sort of interested in endurance racing on forza 6 but what cars are aloud? regulations? number of drivers? length and schedule?

I’m actually hosting an Endurance race this Sunday evening around 19:00 Eastern time, wanting to do a 25-lap Nordschleife with full sim damage/tires/fuel and staggered starts. Likely to be S-class but we will see.