Civic WTCC Launching Difficulties?

This is oddly specific, but I’m having an extremely tough time with the Civic WTCC race car when using the Manual W/ Clutch option…
No matter what, I can’t get the car to takeoff from a dead stop without stalling out. It doesn’t matter what RPM I rev to, when I close the clutch the car simply refuses to start moving. The only way I can get the car to launch is by aggressively fluttering the clutch and gas until it finally grabs and starts pulling forward.

Am I doing something wrong? This is the only vehicle I’ve ever had this much trouble on and I’m not sure if that’s just the nature of this car and its insanely high boost levels (that reminds me, an anti-lag feature would be a sweet addition to this game, lol), or if there’s something I’m missing… There’s got to be a secret to making this car takeoff properly but I cannot figure it out. Is anyone else experiencing this difficulty?
I’ve been racing Manual w/ Clutch for many years and never ran into a car this frustrating. I refuse to drive auto or button manual because it simply isn’t as fun.

Any help is appreciated!

I was having the same problem too, do you have traction control enabled? I disabled it after a couple minutes of frustration and the launch was improved because it wasn’t cutting the power.

Count down 3…2… > Full throttle and Clutch button mashing!!! > Adjusting throttle
My w/clutch. haha

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In fm5 you could time when you should hit the gas without stalling the engine, in fm6 its a lot harder to do this.
Try different tunes, that works most of the time.

If the gear ratio is adjustable (assuming it is because race car), Lower the 1st gear ratio :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! TCS was the biggest culprit and completely preventing the car from starting.
However, this car is really tricky to drive without TCS so I’ve opted to leave it on.

Shortening the 1st and 2nd gear seems to have fixed the issue!!! Thanks!

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