Civic ek9 paint and designs!

Hey everyone. Just sharing a few of my current design I’ve made ATM which are proving popular on the downloads already! I hope you like. Feedback welcomed and any changes are listened to.


Search: motul or my gamer tag: millz dc2

Buddy club race kanjo Osaka type paint

Search: buddy club or kanjo

Basic honda paint.

Intercooler and bonnet vents

Tegiwa skunk 2 race paint

More to come shortly. Need to get some pictures of the others

Hope you like and enjoy


Youve got the right idea for sure and some good starting points, but custom fonts need to be used as the buddy club logo doesn’t work in the in-game fonts.
Switch the Buddy Club, Mugen and Civic logos and the cars will work really well


Cheers bud. Yeah I’m currently messing round with making fonts. It’s harder than it looks. But I will get there. Is there any tutorials that you know of?


update on the cars, new custom text, let me know what you think

Mugen logo changed and civic in number box

Buddy club logo custom the word civic changed

Now that they have been updated these are very nice mate. Awesome work on both and keep up the good work.

The cars are lookin’ great! I was going to do the white and red Motul car myself!

I ended up going with a custom kanjo-themed design myself and based it loosely off the blue and silver Top Gun car. Let me know what you think:

First rendition

Second, after making a kanjo crew with some friends, named Rebel Gods

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looks sick bud! ive made so many more civics. we should cruise

Looking good there