christmas wish list 2020

what do i need…

every po car to purchase with forzathon points
gold trial jacket
engine beanie i am tuner level 12 i aint grinding it updatre i did it i got the beanie share unsharing
easter suit with bunny ears

add delete blue prints
add exit out any online adventure if you dont like what iz giving class car

horn funeral march
horn kazzoo march
horn steam boat

car capri fe for thoze who dont have one i have one and thus i will sell mine…

I second those PO cars. I miss just 720s PO and GT3 RS PO. :slight_smile:

I want FH5, and an XBox series X.


oh a wishlist

easter suit for xmas , yeh seems about right

why didnt you just add to your last post on similar topic

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All exclusive cars added to auto show.

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oh damned wishlist for Santa Claus …
Dear Santa Claus,

I would like game team starts to connect with actual true FH players instead of … whatever they have been doing so far.

lolololol i feel afraid

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There are no true or false FH 4 players. They should listen to everyone.

However, my only wish to forza santa is…

… that we finally get the american police hat.

I want FH5 complete with a Holden Efigy, to compliment my new XBox Series X!!!

i did it i shared unshare to get the engine beanie

All the car sounds to have bass levels and mixing similar to the Supra RZ or LFA.

The Lamborghini Asterion will be nice Christmas edition for sure !

fixing of all well known bugs.