Choppy and Low Frame Rate Paint Reflections when driving under street/floodlamps

Ever since the Horizon Retrowave update, I’ve noticed a difference in the fluidity of the game’s animations when it comes to paint reflections.

As someone who usually messes with the metal flake and two-tone custom paints, the choppy reflections are much more evident on metallic paints.

This issue did not exist before and it looks like the reflections do not match game’s frame rate. This can be observed when cruising under the highway lamps during nighttime and it is jarring to say the least.

This game usually always has the most fluid vehicle animations and I’ve spent hours just observing how the light behaves with the custom paints in awe.

I’m concerned about this glaring bug and I request you to fully review and fix this issue as soon as possible.

Platform: Xbox Series X @ Quality Mode
Update: Horizon Retrowave Series
Bug: Choppy and laggy on-car paint reflections to the game’s general frame rate.