Choose the car driving side

It is annoying to have to see the characther driving the car placed on the right side of the vehicle, there are just a few countries driving on the left side of the road.

We should be able to choose the driving side for all vehicles to be on the left, to feel more comfortable according to each person region.

Think it’s based on what version of the car was modelled.

Pretty sure there was a suggestion about this already.

Lot of work to have to model two different interiors and camera views for 700 odd cars not to mention the cars that only come in one version


I don’t think there is any point adding this to the game and it would take too much time and effort for the developers. Also many cars are only available in left or right hand drive in reality.

I think it was a suggestion for the new Forza Motorsport. I recall commenting there that it would mean scanning two different cars, therefore would be unlikely. It would be a nice feature to have though.

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Yes, like many JDM cars, like the Nissan Skyline GTR R31-R32-R33 and R34 were never sold whit left hand drive, neither were the Subaru Impreza 22B, so that is a major reason why.

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Be good if they did this by either country the horizon is based in or even the cars country of origin
(Obviously not including the cars such as one side only JDM and some special Ferrari cars [F40] ) but we still get British cars that are lhd cars

I think the OP is referring to the actual side of the road to drive on, not which side the steering wheel is, where people are getting confused here - but surely that depends on which country we’re in?

But staying with the theme of cars being RHD or LHD personally i think they’ve been really lazy with the vehicles themselves, for example seeing a classic Jag in LHD when really it should depend on where the car has been built should be left or right hand drive! Only a handful are RHD and that’s one thing that ruins this game for me.

It would be great to choose whether you like left or right steering in cockpit view, since not everybody is a fan of driving in right side, vice versa left side. Depending from with country your from, and since most car has been made both ways, the option to choose when buying a car would be great for a lot of players and give more duality in choosing cars. Personally i only wanna drive leftsided cockpit view cars since iam from EU, BUT there is a lot more fan favourite childhood cars i would love to drive if i had the option to do it from the left side of the cockpit. There is just too many right steering cars. An options to choose between it would be a very much appreciated feature when buying cars.
Thanks from a veteran fan of forza

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I was just coming on here today to suggest this, because irl i did a dashboard and steering column swap on an imported 96 prelude type r with right hand drive with using the American acura rsx parts and it was super simple and way more realistic than say making a some of the cars in here all wheel drive

The Nissan 300zx is available on both sides, and therefore cars like that one should have the option available as well for the player. At least those cars that had a USA/Can option, and not those meant for the JDmarket only.

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@Akunosh3506 you do realise that the playground games developers are from the uk and we drive on the right hand side of the car in the uk and it doesnt matter what side of the car you are on in the game