| Chinese Alans FM5 Gallery | Wide variety of cars |

Sort of new to the forums (I lurk…), but not new to Forza.
Thought I should start a gallery to keep all of my favourite photos in one place and hopefully some of you will like a couple too!

Also, here is a video of a top 40 lap from near the games release, so it isn’t that fast.

Thanks for looking!


Awesome jobs here mate! The Nissan GT-R picture is fantastic. That is my personal favorite but the F1 car is the best. Great work here.

Great pics! I love the McLaren one, well staged!

Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback.

The F1 car is my favorite in the game, I have a grip tune on the storefront for it that gets top 100 times!

Retuned and remade the Ferrari 312

Very nice pictures and the paint job is quite stunning!

Good start mate, love the detail in this shot.

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Cheers Sketchamus!

A few shots from me, not been taking a lot of photos recently, been having too much fun online!

This is my 8C that has 1,180bhp… it’s impossible to drive.

And a little throwback from FM4, one of the rounds from the Pistonheads BTCC Championship

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I know this is ur gallery and all n its is ur liking but you made that car at the top look un easy because it should have a classic look to it

Yeah?.. that’s nice. Hopefully this one offends your eyes some more then.

The Wheelie VW beetle and the Alfa under the plane are awesome!!!

great and very nice photos. Interested to see more photos.

Also check my photos.

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A few more, been ill so off work and on the Xbox!

Amazing stuff man! You’re a natural :slight_smile:

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Nice shots Alan. Love your creativity.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated!

A few more that I took in the first couple of weeks with the game that I might as well put up now, or they will just never be seen

(This is personally my favourite, I forgot to include it in the OP)

Stunning work man. I really love the the innards of the old F1 car. I normally don’t like when cars are slammed either, but the pictures of the car that’s slammed look incredible as well. I like the F430 shot as well. Keep it coming!!! I love realism shots, that’s what I try to achieve as well. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback Applejacks!

Been a while since I updated so here’s a few quick shots

Love the last shot!

Thought I’d do a set of just Ferraris seeing as I somehow have a collection of them