Chicken's New Gallery

Hey Guys!

Welcome to my new gallery! :slight_smile:
In this ,new, gallery, I’ll present you some of my recent shots :wink:
Enjoy and please feel free to tell me your opinions! :smiley:

Aston Vanquish:

Ferrari 458:

Ford Mustang GT:

Lamborghini Huracan:

Mazda RX7:

Many, many more to come! :slight_smile:

I like the aston stuff, this on is great!

Love the last two of the Aston! Welcome to the media center!

These are awesome!

Welcome!! I really like the Aston shots.

I like these two. Very well done.

I’m pretty sure you had a gallery already?

This one is my fave from your latest pics,

Great lighting,reflections and I’m always a sucker for a nice sky!

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Haha yes… I tried to revive it… But it wouldn’t let me edit anything… :confused:
Anyways nice you like the pic! :slight_smile:

Some new stuff to come over the weekend :wink:

I’m with Serg the RX7 shot is great the sky in the background looks great!!

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Little Update: :slight_smile:

Aston Vanquish & Ferrari F12 Berlinetta:

Ferrari F430 Scuderia:

Ferrari LaFerrari:

Lambo Aventador:

Lambo Huracan:

](Ferrari F430 1 | tduchicken | Flickr)

Hope you like them!

Love this!

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I agree with TRXhunt! Great work!

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Those LaFerrari shot are really something!!

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Thx guys for the positive feedback! :slight_smile:
There’s something huge to come in the next days! :wink:

Very small Update:

I tried some editing in photoshop… Would love to hear your opinions! :slight_smile:

Jaguar F-Type:


Quick Update:

Hope you like it! :smiley:

I like that a lot of your stuff has a promo shot feel to it, like the Aston Martin, but I also really love that shot you’ve got of the RX-7.

That 7th shot in this newest update I really enjoy. This game just looks so freaking good when it starts getting dark and once it is dark.

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Really like this shot and its chase like feel,

Its a shame we cant choose to turn the headlights off though.

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Thx for the nice feedback guys! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I agree with them, great work!

Although maybe a tad bit more exposure than I would use, I really enjoy this Z06 shot a lot! Keep it up!