Chevrolet Spark 2016-current

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Photos of Chevy Spark Hatch

Photos of Chevy Spark Sedan

Spark sinister!!!

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if horizon is not gonna have a progression then we dont need cars like these


This man is speaking my language.

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This is cars for Forza games. Not just Horizon I believe

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Yea, it is for Both Horizon and Motorspot


I disagree, even if Horizon doesnt have, i think those street daily cars are more fun to drive and to have fun racings with them than the boring hypercars that look very much the same fast car just with different badge, specially when they are not GT Racing modified

I prefer 10 times a Chevy Spark than the 1203912032193385394823 variation of the same Pag-Lambo-nari-ssieg Zonda Murgelago CCX 488

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Meh. Most people who want the daily drivers just think of themselves as cool because they’re going against the grain. You want something that’s slow, but actually good looking and rare, that’s where the classic cars are at, yet everyone ignores many of them.

I like Daily cars not beacuse “I want be against the grain”, i like them because they are more interesting to push into its limits and has bigger potencial of tuning

Some Classic Cars are fun, but rarity isnt everything that matter, sometimes people want some small fun car to drive around or race using the car they use and/or see everyday


I think cars like this are only good when theres progression involved with them. For horizon if theres not gonna be progression then why put cars like these in the game?

Spoiler alert: Its not gonna be good for online racing, nor for rivals. Customization is usally something thats just close to absent in a 600+cars game. And its understandable given that theres no way this game’s gonna get crazy visual customization because of this.

So in the end of the day the only good for this car is just freeroaming the map. But guess you have lets say out of 600+ cars , another 300 you havent experienced. In a more sandbox horizon game that isnt really a good at sandbox this doesnt matter at all. So its basically one more car to shove in your garage and not touch.

We could have a 1000+ cars list and its still not gonna matter when the content is: do whatever you want but you’re still very limited to doing whatever you want. And the base content wears out after a while even if they add new cars

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I think that Horizon should get the sandbox element better indeed
Not just for races but even for event labs