Chevrolet Camaro Garage 56 Le Mans 2023

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Garage 56 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

*Note: This topic has been changed from broader 6th gen Camaro racing models to the Garage 56 modified car that ran in the 2023 24H of Le Mans. Head to the new general Camaro racing topic to vote for NASCAR & GT racing models.

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2023 NASCAR/Le Mans Garage 56 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Here’s some of the Footage of the Car Racing

A Playlist with some behind-the-scenes footage


i think that GEN 6, OEMs/Car Bands are still with the plataform rights, Ford had the Fusion on some games outside NASCAR license, Chevy also maneged to do some products with the NASCAR Camaro outside NASCAR license, such as a LEGO model

I think Forza can pull it bringing gen 6 cars back or bringing the Gen 4 cars since they are classic cars that are not used anymore and used on many categories outside NASCAR as well, the way they had put that Toyota 2JZ on FH5 may be a indication/test that they may try to do it again on FM

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Sounds cool


I would like to also see the 2023 Chevy Camaro NASCAR Garage 56 Le Mans car.


Sure it was fast but is it faster than a Trans/Am Camaro?

Likely since it uses NASCAR Cup Series V8 Motors

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We need this car in FM so that we can recreate the 24 hours of LE`MANS that happened earlier this year

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Unlikely we wont see this car or most WEC cars anytime soon


why not??

They are under exclusivity with another company

RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :eagle: :eagle: :eagle: :eagle: :eagle: :eagle: :eagle: :eagle: :eagle: :eagle: :eagle:

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Hendrick Motorsport Garage 56 LeMans NASCAR


Depends on the track.

Garage 56 admitted to running a higher downforce setting on the car. That along with its horsepower settings and it was still faster than all the other lemans GT Class cars. Some people speculate this car to have been running around 750 horsepower.

The Burtin Racing TA1 Camaro I’ve done photography work for at Daytona said that the fastest lap they turned at Daytona allowed them to reach above 200 mph twice in the same lap. That year, we were outpaced only by the Mustangs that had the newer Coyote Race engines while we were running the same engine specs for the last few years. We were running over 900 horsepower in this car.

The weight of the two cars is unknown to me at this time.

The lemans Camaro only hit the low 190s if I remember correctly. If they take some of the downforce away and ran at Daytona along side the TA 1 class, I think it would be a close fight but that’s just my opinion.


It a shame that both WEC and NASCAR rights are with another company and likely this gen of car wont be a Forza for a bit of time

At least IMSA lets have us have some WEC cars since they are shared with WEC nowadsays
NASCAR meanwhile, i hope that at least they put some old NASCAR or some ARCA or similar


Indeed, it’s even more of a shame with what they’re doing with those licences.

Hopefully one day they can be pulled away and have something decent done with them.

Edit: I’m not even sure if the old Licensing Trick of making it a generic Stock Camaro Car would work given how this was built which is even worse.

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Regarding the NASCAR license, I have no doubt that IRacing will make it a much better game that any of the previous studios have done.

Hopefully, just maybe, Turn 10 Studios can negotiate some kind of license agreement with IRacing like thy have done in the past to acquire other manufactures for Forza and Forza Horizon.

If I remember correctly, it was Porsche they had made an agreement with EA to get the use of those cars while the license was exclusive from Porsche to the Need For Speed games at the time.

I have faith that maybe, some kind of agreement can be made between the two studios.

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2023 Chevrolet #24 Hendrick Motorsports Garage 56 Camaro ZL1 1LE