Check this out. Rick D!!!!! You have to leave a pic.....

Tell me what you think… Share your photos!!!

Feed back People!!!

Great shots falcon460, very nice.

Here are a couple of mine I entered in the Horizon Photo Missions. I have yet to even get an Honorable Mention it them though.

Still too many great photographers out there. :slight_smile:

The competitions are fun though, I am going to keep trying. I want those Unicorns!!



Nice work CFunk. I like the 2nd one very nice … Keep sending them in mate you’ll get that unicorn and thanks for sharing keep them coming.

Cool shot again falcon.

A couple more of mine.



The black & white chev is nice.

Awesome shot of the Merc , love it!

The Audi pic is right up there with it too!

Behind You

Bel Air

These are my latest for Photo contest - TMOAP 2: Grand Prix of Background


Horizon House

Extra 1

Horizon Road

Extra 2

Horizon Barn

Love the contrast in the Ferrari Awesome. I took one similar. I like the last extra well done.

Cool, I really like the festival shot.

A few more.

More Ferrari

RX-7 Drift

I have a different version of this paint for the RX-7 up in my storefront. For some reason though you can’t search by my gamertag.

I’m not great at paint jobs, but I am practicing, when I’m not racing. :slight_smile: It actually got 3rd on the March Livery Contest, of course there were only 4 entries.

Speaking of which, I need to get something together for the May Livery Contest.


I need to take/upload more pics also. I’m starting to run out.

You have to scroll down in the search menu to get to the option to search by gamertag. It took me a while to find as well because there’s no indication of anything being below search by keyword.

Also, you might want to try experimenting with the aperture setting in photo mode. A little depth of field can go a long way in some instances.

Here’s an example of a shot that would look very flat if no aperture was used:

Congrats on the third place. I like the moonlight pic. How did you go in the photo comp? Are you going in the photo mission 75?
I’m entering 2 old ones and a new one.

You’ll have to take another photo of the rx7 so I can get a good look at the paint work. Nice angle on the photo…


Thanks for the congrats. Appreciate it. Yeah, I will take more of that car/paint for you and maybe try some aperture like lccbb22 suggests.

On the photo comp I pretty much did like I expected, not very good. No votes so far, but there are some great shots that were submitted.

Yes, I am going to enter in mission 75. Maybe I will put up the RX-7 shots. :slight_smile: Good luck on the contest. Great shots man.


Yeah I know about scrolling down, but even then when you enter my name it will say no results. I first noticed it when I put up a cheezy paint for the achievement and a friend couldn’t find it. Also, I couldn’t find some other people’s by entering their GT. I don’t know, some weird error.

I see you got a couple of votes on the TMOAP, nice. I voted for your shot. The windmill is cool.

Thanks for the advice, I will have to try it.

Oh yeah, some shots.

I tried to make it look like a painting.


Look out, Cops!


My old truck.

Old timey

Not what I normally take but i’m trying something a little different. Feed back welcome.

Nice work, really like this one

They’re not Horizon photos, but I thought you guys might like to see my 3 photos for the wk 114 photo contest in forza 4. Let me know what you think…

One new one for now. Been on forza 4 trying some you things check out my thread…

Been away for a bit. Busy weekend.

Great shots as always falcon.

The gauges shot is very nice.

Here are my Photo Mission 75 shots.

Out There


This is the RX-7 paint scheme for the March Livery Contest I mentioned.

7 Drift

This is the May Livery entry. This pic isn’t very good, but you can at least see the vinyl. Maybe I will take some time and take some better shots of it, I’ve been racing a lot lately.

Continental 4

Awesome work on the paint work for both cars… I don’t have the patience for that. Good luck in the photo comp mate…