CHEATERS, using drag slicks to dumb down their cars in circuit lobbies.

Has this ever happened to you? These so called gamers pulling off impossible lap times in lobbies you wouldn’t expect to see. In a recent race I had the pleasure of racing against R1 Porsche AG 962c
in an R2 Lobby. Kinda makes you wonder about the awesome Leader Board lap times. How do you fight against this way of cheating?

Race in lobbies without mods allowed?

I wouldn’t call this cheating. If your only racing in lobbies then drag tires could give you an advantage because there grippy and cheaper. But run a race with more than 3 laps and you’ll see the tires wear out quick and times go down quickly forcing a pit stop. So I wouldn’t call it cheating just run races with more than 3 laps. I’m trying to start a league up that would run more laps if your interested check out our website.

De-classing cars via drag tires is HARDLY cheating bud. So I guess putting heavier rims on a car to de-tune said car is cheating too? Or maybe a race differential? Or race rollcage on some cars? Again, NONSENSE.

I’ve raced in numerous series where we required drag tires because of the quicker wear to force multiple pit stops. Lap times are USUALLY slower with them, and they last a lot longer than you might think.

That said, dropping an LMP down into R2 might be a bit unfair. I don’t really know without ever having played around with it.

Just set 6 or more laps per race and have fun!

Just an FYI: I just finished a Nascar series over at Virtual Motorsports where we used drag tires. Several drivers made it to lap 25 at Motegi and did the race on one pit stop.

Thank you for the info. I should definitely use that Virtual Motorsport account I have.
Given all the benefits the use of drag tires has, maybe a little experimentation on them it’s worth.

while i definitely don’t see it as cheating, i hate that some cars are faster with drag tyres within certain PI restrictions. The S-class leaderboards are ruined because of drag tyre Lotuses. I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody use a drag tyre lotus in the s-class lobbies though, so it’s alright.

It’s funny that you complain about this… So many people call me out for doing it, as I’m an avid drag tire user, but every single person I’ve sent the build to cannot even come close to the times they run in their own cars. Driving cars with drag tires is NOT easy, and I only know a handful of people who can do it with more than just a leaderboard Lotus.



There is a reason why points drifters use them. They provide a lack of lateral grip, meaning you physically cannot corner as hard. You would have to make time up on the straights, but it is feasible considering their intended use (going fast in a straight line).

I wouldn’t want to drive a grip tune with drag tires because it would probably be next to impossible to control unless you knew what you were doing.

I’m looking to have fun

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It would be great if there were more people out there who just added upgrades to tune their cars and lightened them not to increase horse power and displacement. I’m actually thinking about starting a lobby for tuned stock race cars. I’ve raced against a few drivers who can run fast laps in stock tuned cars.

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People who want to get consistently fast times over a variety of tracks build their cars to suit the track. Sure, you can run a car with race tires and race weight reduction, but why would you do that if you can run sport tires, race weight reduction, and 50 more horsepower and gain a half second a lap on a given track? The reverse is also true, but you seem to be stuck on an idea that I would call a “building style”. I’ve seen tuning styles a lot, but building cars in a specific manner is usually left to spec series, not public races and leaderboards.

I just use what I’m comfortable with. Win or lose I race clean no cutting corners in anyway not just on the track. It just seems like a lot of people are going for the easy win by any means possible. Easy isn’t fun but real racing is. If you’re a skilled driver you’ll run fast laps no matter what you drive.

So every lap you ever did in a public lobby was a clean lap from the very beginning that you’ve been playing?

I probably shouldn’t even say anything but I’m going to, your posts all come across as “Everyone is not doing it as good as I am”. OK, well, so, you’re really good. It’s getting old hearing you whine about how everyone doesn’t do as well as you do. That’s great that you are really skilled driver. Well done.

I’m still learning, so… I was doing some races yesterday online and Catalunya always gets me. I cut those last two slow corners sometimes terrible. But not really on purpose, I just haven’t figured out how to do it well yet. It’s not a track I practice my cars on. I live in Wisconsin so Road America is kind of my home track and I’ve done a lot of driving there. (in the game of course. I’ve also attended some real races there, it’s a great track) Also my wife is from Alabama so Road Atlanta is kind of my second home road track. So I do a lot of testing there. And then comes Sunset and Infineon IRL. I race a lot at those off line to test my cars. I don’t know ALL of the tracks as well as I want to yet. So… My laps can be dirty at a lot of the tracks while racing in a lobby. When I race at the ones I spend time testing cars at, I do a lot better with clean laps online.

The point is, there’s no way everyone can be perfect all the time. Some of us are learning. Some of us will never be as good as you because maybe you have a talent for the game, or you’ve spent a lot of time on it. Either way, give everyone else some slack. Yeah, there are some irritating racers out there and yeah I can see why you might want to complain. But it seems like nearly every post you put up is about how you’re better and people should be doing it like you. It aint never gonna happen. You might want to get used to it.

Now, on the upside I would like to personally thank you for calling attention to the difference in Normal steering and sim steerting. I switched to sim after you started that one thread and I do like it a lot better. I feel like I have a better feel for the car and I do think it’s helped my times. It just feels more responsive. So thank you very much for bringing that up. It really helped. I know some people are defending “normal” steering but I really like sim steering better now. At first I did spin more though. LOL.

So… I know you might be offended by my post and it’s not really my intention to make you angry or be mean. But I’m just being honest. Your pride is getting a little annoying. But I’m not a perfect person either, so…


And a lot of the skilled drivers mess around with cars that have crazy builds just to see what happens. Just because they can control a drag tire car and run fast laps with it, it doesn’t mean that the car is easy to drive.

No sense on getting butt hurt because someone beat you with a car built in a way you personally don’t like.

However, drag tires have no business being in circuit races but the games allows it. If you can’t beat em, join em or drive faster lol

That’s what everyone does. Comfort is a relative term in this game, so let others find their comfort zone, and please don’t judge them for it because you don’t agree.

Yes I do make mistakes. I am not the perfect driver. I do not cut corners on purpose or, expect good drivers to stay on the track 100% of the race, play this game to win, it is nice to win but it is better to race against “EQUALLY SKILLED” drivers and not win, “MANIPULATE” the game to my advantage. I only bought this game to race and because I don’t have millions of dollars to go out and purchase a Ferrari to turn it into a race car. Maybe assuming that this was a racing SIM makes me an idiot so be it. Play the game how ever you want I couldn’t care less.

I hear ya. I get the spirit of what you’re saying, I feel the same way too. Don’t let me mess up your posting on here if you want to. I’m sure I could’ve said it all a little better to make you not upset and offend you.

But it does feel like (the threads you start) you are expecting others to be as good as you, or as you say you are. Which just isn’t going to happen for everyone. My point was that maybe to not assume that everyone cutting a corner is doing it on purpose. I do understand that a lot of people do it just to try and get better times and take a corner faster, purposely. And I’ve stated before like some are over the top. Like that first corner at hockenheim. I mean my goodness. Since there is no wall there like at Silverstone, it just gets ridiculous. And in that case I think most of those guys know they’re doing it on purpose there because you don’t usually turn in so early on accident. Now going wide, that’s more of an oooops, I took that corner too fast. Which that corner also makes it easy to go wide on. LOL.

But the thing is, I don’t if it’s something we can change, so. If they win by cheating, they didn’t really win. And you can know that you did your best to race a clean race. That is to be commended. I just try to race my race and hopefully finish. LOL. I like to finish. Although that doesn’t always happen either.

So… try not to be offended and maybe take away the fact that I’m just trying to be honest with how your posts seem to be coming across. But I’m just one guy. Don’t let me ruin your participation on here.