Changing Forza Horizon 4 from Retail To Digital

I currently own the standard retail copy of Forza Horizon 4, I have upgraded it to the Ultimate version with Lego addon etc.
What I want to do is to install the digital version so I dont have to keep swapping discs to do the daily tasks.
What I need to know is can i download the standard digital version to overwrite the retail install and if I do will I have to redownload the addons? Like the ultimate edition addon and the Lego addons?
Thanks in advance

You will have to purchase the game again through the store. I’m not sure if you buy the standard edition if the add-ons will be affected. I can’t imagine they would be as those are DLC.

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If you own Game Pass, you can play the game without a disc anyway and still use all the DLC as long as it is installed.

When you say upgraded to Ultimate Edition, did you buy the ultimate edition digitally or just the extra DLC?

I bought the ultimate edition upgrade… I do have Game Pass, but that will only work whilst it’s actually on Game Pass… Eventually they’ll remove it and I’ll be back to the same question :rofl::rofl::rofl: