Change 'Club Rules' Locked Fuel

Currently, Club Rules fuel meter is locked at 100%. Now this doesn’t just mean you have infinite fuel, but it also means the gas tank of the car is 100% full.

In lighter cars in higher classes, fuel weight can play a HUGE role in how the car handles. The biggest example of this issue are the 90s F1 cars.

Why do you think they can get into P class with just a little added weight? Because the PI rating is being calculated on CLUB RULES… a FULL TANK OF GAS.

Have you tried driving one of those 90s F1 cars on a full tank of gas? They become miserable to drive, practically 5-10 seconds slower per lap, making it slower than other P class cars.

The perfect example of this, the car everyone complains about in P Class, the Ferrari 641 #1 F1 car.

The gas tank can hold 220 litres of fuel. This means that with a full tank of gas, the Ferrari is almost 500lbs (220kg) heavier.

If the fuel level on club rules was changed to 5%, every car would drive at their absolute best, and be rated by the PI system accurately. (The F1 cars would no longer get into P class too.)