Championship Groups

I want to get 100% in overall completion but I don’t wanna do it racing just retro or slow cars!!! Every time I go into a championship I can’t race hypercars, supercars, etc, cause they all say 3/3… Does anyone know if theres a way to reset those groups!!!

Each location has 28 championships - 1 for each car grouping.

To get 100% and the 168 championships you must do each car grouping once in each locaiton.

Sound like you have already run the supercar championship at each location so you will need to do the other car groups, otherwise its not 100%.

To add on a bit, you can upgrade the “retro and slow” cars to whatever class you choose, and the AI drivers will match that class.

Ex - An A-Class BMW 2002 Turbo will give you a Cult Classics Championship versing other A-Class Cult Classics cars.