Challenger Hellcat gearbox

So I’m trying to build a good A class challenger Hellcat with ok grip, but I can’t get the gearbox right. Anyone available? I got an ok tune but I have to constantly shift.

I’m at work right now but will take a look at one when I get home. Are you staying RWD? Race gearbox, street?

Rwd race gearbox

Don’t mean to step on your toes DZ, but draco, here is a tune I threw together. Maybe it will help you.


ARBf - Race
ARBr - Race
Clutch - Sport
Tran - Race
Drive - Sport
Diff - Race
Street Compound
Momo Quantum

707 HP
650 TQ
4453 LBS


Tire - 30 / 30
Gears - FD 2.62
ARBs - 28.20 / 24.30
Diff - 19 / 0

It mainly only uses 6 gears, the other two will still pull, but probably won’t be necessary in races. Cruising they may come in handy, or the crazy boosts in the Hot Wheels expansion.

I don’t know how competitive it will be online, but it’s fun to cruise in. :slight_smile:

Give it a test if you want, and if you like it or want something tweaked, let me know.


Your differential is at 19% and 0% ??? That is not at all correct setting for drifting. Just saying.

why are you talking about drifting? wrong post? :stuck_out_tongue:

by the way thank you Cfunk. worked pretty well. just going to do some tweaking :slight_smile:

Hey Draco, sorry for the delay. Been some long days. Messed around a little with one this am. Here’s what I ended up with, and I’m not saying I know what I’m talking about but I like it.

-sport exhaust
-sport chassis and weight
-race clutch, trans and diff
-sport driveline
-stock tire, rim and front width
-335 rear width


FD 4.00, 1st - 1.80, 1.25, 1.00, .85, .74, .65, .55







I tend to go the stretch out the gears route to eliminate/reduce wheel spin. Just how I prefer to do it. I like to have all my power there when I want it. Just have to throttle control it a little here and there. I shared this if you just wanna try it.

And Cfunk, no worries. I’m glad you got something together for him. I was trying out mine this morning on a woodland circuit in Byron Bay. I was chasing your Boss 302, not sure it it was an HE or not. I was hanging, just couldn’t pass ya!! Lol.

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Theres a chance there might be an intercooler or something I’m forgetting. I’ll double check when I get back home. The tune is the same though.

Just a question, but I’m looking to do something similar with my Hellcat. However, mine is upgraded to S2, I think, and I’m using it for cruising/racing. Essentially, I would like it to take a corner lol. I’ve noticed the rear end likes to get a little wiggly on me when I get up to speed. I’ve got zero tuning experience, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Even at S2, that tune should still be alright. Or CFunk’s. If you went AWD then for me I would adjust the diff to 50-55% front accel and 10-15% decel, 90-100% rear accel and 5-10% rear decel. If the wheels keep spinning you can either lower the final drive number until you can put power down without lighting the tire up, (like start with 80%, I just wouldn’t go as low as 50 or 60%) or reduce the accel for the rear diff. I prefer adjusting gears, but I can’t say that it’s the “right” way, just my way.

love all the replies guys. only thing is that im using kg haha