Challenge: "Affordable Car" [cancelled due to lack of interest)

If you just got Forza 4, or if you had to start over with no cars in your garage and no credits in the bank, this challenge should be perfect for you. The base car, a Vauxhall Agila, is affordable–no, strike that, it’s cheap– so you can get into this event without cleaning out your wallet. The tuning setup you must use is free on my storefront. If you are so impoverished that you can’t even buy the car and the upgrades required by my tune, message me and I’ll send you a free one, tuned & painted.

If you’re a newbie, you will learn some things about setting up a lobby, as well as acquiring skills at driving to get the most out of a (shall we say) performance-deficient auto.

Here’s how this works~
You will set up an online lobby (private is OK) with at least 6 AI competitors in C class.*
You will manipulate the cars you are racing against, by the specific cars you select and by the driver difficulty setting, so that at least one of them can stay close enough throughout the race, spoiling your fastest laps via the stoopid drafting rule. You will also set things up so that at least one car is so slow that you almost lap him just before the end of the fifth lap.

What we want to see in your replay is an exciting finish where the back marker, your car, and your nemesis in position 2 are quite close at the finish. The race is on the Catalunya School circuit, five laps, and the race must be accomplished in (4:41.00) FOUR MINUTES, FORTY-ONE SECONDS or less.

This matters because of the prize structure.

for everyone who participates (and posts a replay on their storefront) there will be a special car with a tune and livery designed just for this prize, PLUS a million credits.
for the fastest overall time (for the whole race, not a best lap time) among everyone who gives this a go by11 July, an additional prize of five million credits
for the most exciting replay (in the opinion of all participants who will vote after the stop date of 11 July), an extra bonus of 20 million credits!

My replay will be up soon. Good luck, and spread the word about Racers Lounge challenges to all your friends!

*For those super-fast drivers (you know who you are =3)) this rule for a sporting race:
You may need to set up the opposition in B Class (or even higher) if “Professional” difficulty isn’t enough to give you real competition. Let’s see a robot right on your tail throughout the race, in such a way that you can’t get so much as one clean lap out of the five.

I hope the reason this has gotten no responses is simply that I constructed a set of rules that are too complex for most people to deal with. If so, I apologize. I will try again, using the Aguila tune. Look for another challenge in the future with the same title. The prize car will be reserved for something else. As a one-off it will be more valuable if it is awarded to a single winner. RKade15 has created a livery which will never be auctioned, and if you win this Rossion Q1, you won’t ever see the same car being used in a lobby.