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Welcome to my gallery :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your photos look great! But quick tip is to use the manual focus slider instead of the auto focus button. It’s particularly noticeable in the last photo where the car almost looks photoshopped onto a blurry background, when you use the manual focus slider you can get a more realistic look by simply getting a little bit of road around the car in focus too. Also I know how good having a high shutter speed can look and of course if that’s what your going for then ignore this, but with shutter speed I found that less is more, have it a little bit up go make the car look like it’s moving but don’t have it too high to where you loose a lot of background detail. Of course the high shutter speed is a look on it’s own so if that’s what you like then just keep it up. Hope this helps and keep it up!
I also noticed in the 3rd photo your contrast looks a little too high, if you’re going for realism turn it down just a fraction, you want the contrast to be low enough to make the blacks on the car actually look black not washed out but you don’t want to lose detail espically on the road itself and the shadow of the car with too much contrast. And by too much you may only need to turn it down 2 or 3 for the effect to look good.

Good start, I like the VW shot the best. Good colors and framing.